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Adonai College was established in November 2010 but started its operations on 1st July 2011. Then it was stationed in Windhoek West. The College was just renting some chairs for a few hours per day at that premises. It then relocated into town and in March 2012 Adonai moved to No. 5 Handel Street, Windhoek West. Adonai grew from strength to strength, and as such, from March 2013 to date, Adonai College has been stationed at 146 Bach Street, Windhoek West.

As a fast growing postsecondary education institution in Windhoek, Adonai has planned well for the times and has demonstrated tremendous success in supporting students and achieving the goals laid out in the previous five-year plan. The institution continues to be extremely successful in delivering on its mission, vision and values, but one must never assume that yesterday’s strategy will continue to be successful in the future. This is an important time for thoughtful planning at Adonai College, as we face demographic shifts and changing labour market realities, as well as the changing needs of the postsecondary learner and the emergence of innovative new methods of postsecondary education delivery.By 2018, Adonai envisages to become a leading postsecondary education institution, offering a broad range of programming from apprenticeship training to certificate and diploma programs, and graduate certificates. Our mandate is to provide a comprehensive and balanced mix of programs and services that support the success of our students in work and life. The coming years will be exciting and telling times for Adonai as we evolve and innovate to meet the changing needs of our students, industry partners and the world around us.

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