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Mr Felix M. Mukazi

Centre Head

This is an exciting time for Adonai College as we evolve and innovate to meet the changing needs of our students, industry partners and the world around us. We are disciples of a student-centred approach to learning; hence we shall keep students at the centre of our decision-making processes. 

I am excited about Adonai’s future and proud of the bold and distinctive goals outlined in our new 2016-2018 Curriculum Plan. While this is a three-year document, the post-secondary landscape is continually shifting and we recognize that we may need to adjust some elements along the way; we also recognize that this plan sets the tone and direction for Adonai well beyond the three-year time-frame.
I would like to thank the Management Team for their Prudent Leadership, the Advisory Board for its unwavering commitment to the process and all our stakeholders for their impeccable support. This has been a precursor in allowing us to raise our ladder to the next level and as well enabled us to realise our new thrust.
It is our collective pleasure to invite ourpartners in government, industry and the community to engage with us in realizing our vision of “Aim high, Shoot high!” Let me advise all our students that, “When you shoot, always aim for the moon so that if you miss this big target, at least your bullet will settle for one of the many stars”.
With our new curriculum, you are now well assured that education is now at your feet. Remember a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Let us walk this journey side by side with each other until we help you realise your career aspirations.

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