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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR describes how Adonai College looks beyond its initial day to day business (staff, learners; our customers) and acknowledge that our actions have a far reaching impact.  Undertaking a programme of CSR based activities encourages us to operate in a more sustainable, charitable and ethical way. Our college students, staff and governors take our social responsibilities seriously and view it as an essential part of our business. 

Adonai’s Corporate Goal

Our goal is to positively contribute to the sustainable growth and development of people and communities, at the school, locally and around the world.

What is Adonai College Doing?

As a fast growing Tertiary College we have a key role in the social and economic welfare of Windhoek and an ethical responsibility to our environment which must be protected from all forms of pollution.

1.) Bursaries for Female Students

Adonai College in partnership with Female Education Advancement Namibia has started out bursaries to four (4) Namibian Females each year. This exercise started this year and will continue for an indefinite period. Adonai is doing this as a social responsibility to give back to the community. Any underprivileged females who need to further their education can contact our offices for more details.

2.) Staff Development Sessions Going Beyond Classroom Teaching

We are also committed to working with our employees to expand, develop and evaluate our sustainability programme to ensure this contributes to the efficiency of our college.  For example all staff attendsOccupational Health and Safety basic training to arm them with skills to rescue themselves and the students in case of fire accidents. On the same note, all staff is trained to use new computer software which is commonly used in the school for them to be compliant with document preparations. We deliver sessions to staff on sustainability to encourage changes to be made, at work and at home.

3.) Collaborations with Stakeholders

Our College works also with local employers and businesses in a variety of ways through collaborations which ensure we meet the training needs of these employers to maximise the employability of our students and supporting and developing Windhoek residents.

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