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Diploma in IT Systems Support and Maintenance (Level 5)



This level 5 Diploma in Information Technology Systems Support and Maintenance is a comprehensive practical based program designed to provide the relevant skills necessary for a successful start in ICT industry as a practitioner within various business departments and as an entrepreneur. This course also serves as a stepping stone for those who want to continue to study towards attaining different industry international certifications such as the CCNA, N+ and A+ certifications and maximise the learners employment opportunities in a dynamic role which is application/ practical based.


Entry qualifications for this course are as follows:

Normal Entry: NSSC grade 12 or equivalent qualification with a minimum of 18 points in 5 subjects including English Grade E or better at grade 12 as stipulated in the Adonai College admission policy. 

If candidates at grade NSSC 12 or equivalent do not have an English Grade E or better they first have to go through our own English bridging programme for three months and if they pass with 50% and above then they will be accepted to start the programme.

All non-English speaking students must provide an English language certificate, in order to be considered for admission.


Mature age entry: candidates registering using this requirement must be at least 23 years old, plus at least two years working experience in a related field and must be able to pass the entrance test of Adonai College by at least 50% as stipulated the Adonai College admission policy. Applicants are given a maximum of two chances to write the entrance test and if they fail both chances, they cannot be considered for admission.


Special entry: The following persons may apply for special entry and for permission to proceed to study an NQF level qualification with exemption from the whole or part of the entry requirements

-          A person who has obtained a certificate or diploma in a related field of Adonai College or another accredited institution,

Students holding international qualifications being offered or which were being offered by the college may apply to the academic board to be exempted from certain modules or examinations. Following an application to the academic board permission may be given to complete the programme in less than the required period provided that no students shall be allowed direct entry to the final part of the programme.





Subfield: Information Technology and Computer Science

Course Title Outcomes of Learning/ Learning Outcomes
Introduction to ICT

Demonstrate an awareness of the main components of an ICT system (input, output, and storing, retrieving, processing, communicating data) and awareness of practical software application programs used in business organisations.

Computer Fundamentals And Troubleshooting Procedures

Demonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of Computer Fundamentals and Troubleshooting to resolve hardware and software problems

ICT Hardware and Equipment Installation and Management

Demonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of ICT hardware and Equipment Installation and Management

ICT Repair Centre Maintenance Procedures

Apply relevant knowledge of ICT Maintenance and repair procedures to ensure that IT infrastructure is well maintained for longevity

Information Systems And Networks

Demonstrate and apply relevant knowledge of Information  Systems  and Network to enhance business processes and effectiveness

Practical ICT Software and Operating Systems Management

Implement and demonstrate relevant practical knowledge in applying and Implementing relevant knowledge in I.T Networking

Practical IT Networking

Implement and demonstrate relevant practical knowledge in applying and implementing relevant knowledge in I.T Networking


Apply relevant knowledge to business and support of IT operations to ensure efficiency, correction and continuity.


FIELD: Business, Commerce and Management Studies

Subfield: Project Management

Project Management


Demonstrate relevant knowledge and skills in managing projects to allow for planned and controlled implementation of IT projects




Subfield: Office Administration

Introduction To Business

Demonstrate relevant knowledge in Business Management to allow for creation of start-ups and effective management practices.




Subfield: Communication

Communication Skills

Apply knowledge to  empower students to undertake more insightful case-study analysis, write successful essays, and produce influential documents and become proficient practitioners of communication

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